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I mistakenly had high expectations based on the title (good job!). But sadly behind the clever headline was a poorly constructed and immature rant. I support your willingness to write your feelings but be sure to separate how you felt from reality.

It never looks good on the one hand to be angry about racism and then be racist- even if you are right at the start, you’ll be wrong in the end.

If I could pass just message on to you it would be to not judge based on your version of what’s important.

I happen to not think chanting is enjoyable or effective- even if I agree with the message. I also don’t scream during Journey songs at weddings, sing during the 7th inning stretch or to school fight songs. But that doesn’t mean I disagree with the tradition or the content, it just means I don’t like to yell.

So, rather than assuming the motivations of others and ranting about it. Write an article asking them why they behaved a certain way. You might be surprised by how much you have to learn and how much you don’t know about the people around you.

Never forget: You don’t know, what you don't know.

Cheers, Chris