Dear Privacy, it’s not working out, I’m blocking you.

Often journalist write and ask questions about the future.

Yesterday a journalist wrote to ask about my appearance on Showtime’s Dark Net and privacy.

With the heavy rotation of Apple vs. DOJ news and opinion it felt time to sort some of my opinions about our future.

1. As the most connected man in the world can you tell me in what ways are you at this moment connected — besides writing to me of course? (Full list)
At this moment (recording sound, light), activity (sitting still after in a car), behavior (listening to music), biology (meals, sleep, activity). I have on a fitbit hr/applewatch and jawbone.

2. Can i ask if for all that being connected has given you, has it improved your general level of well being?

Well editing only highlights a particular narrative.

Editing is a lot like data that way.

Bias is most visible when we “record” information.

The source of the world’s suffering is the repressive quantification of our time.

In the summer of 2015 when DarkNet was recorded I was struggling with depression about technology and friends.

My general well being is greatly enhanced if you look across all the areas of my life (relationships, career, health, spirituality, environment, financial).

The true measure of well being is the resilience that is found when things fall apart.

3. Could you tell me what you believe to be the best part of being so connected, and if perhaps there is anything you have regretted, or given up on?

Best part of being connected is the simple act of caring enough for myself to take time to pay attention.

I’ve given up on many things that I no longer need because I’ve trained myself. For instance, I don’t need a posture belt, I’m pretty straight up!

4. “I see people as a pile of information.” That couldn’t be taken as negative? Did you mean it that way? How so?

Yes, it should be taken as negative. We live in a culture that is obsessed by measurement and data.

We don’t know how to measure what we care about so we care about what we measure.While I struggle with my own quantification, it is difficult to not see people as information systems. It is the downside of heavy measurements, a six sense of sorts.

Some of my anxiety comes from observing how people weaponize data and information against each other or how companies sell us back our own data. We are in a consciousness crisis with technology.

5. Have you any interest in chip implants?

No, I don’t do anything with technology that could make my convenience 
outweigh my desire to interact with people. I have respect for Fanny and Rob in my episode of Dark Net for their positions on their implants.

6. You said in one interview you are the future, and most people will be vastly more connected in the future. Could you give me a sort of vision of a decade from now?

In 2016 Apple is not paying taxes in the US. It is making deals with China regarding backdoors. Apple is denying the US government access to our data. Apple has created a payment system for our phones (apple pay), embedded our healthcare into their OS next to our music purchases (healthkit). They are in full assault of our vehicles with “Carplay” and the invasion into our homes with “homekit” is almost fully complete.

Siri takes most request and returns no options, just more apple services.

If you replace Apple with any other rogue nation state name you could easily call this behavior terrorism.

Apple is a rogue digital nation state and our privacy is something we dont’ understand because our economy is dependent on it’s collapse.

10 years from now, the world you understand in 2016 will be referred to as’ the good old days.’

Within a decade our phones will be used for everything from digital prescriptions, security systems (biometrics), life automation, hyper proximity information beacons and more importantly a monetary system. Our behavior currently knowns as “privacy” will be used in a free market system where we are sold goods and services in exchange for economic value.

Jobs, credit scores, Health care will all be dependent on a “netocracy” a government/political and spiritual system dependent on measurement.

Privacy will have collapsed under the weight of convenience and economic disparity.

Many of the answers to the questions you may have can be found in my FAQ: also there is a simple text download with headshots Photographs) at

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