In 1884, Puck magazine depicts the ambitions of reformers to root out “stock jobbers,” the term for Wall Street gamblers and speculators. In 2017, the altcoin asset class is experiencing its own fight for legitimacy. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Weekly crypto-news recap (April 1, 2017)

This week, the ICO goes mainstream and New Yorkers get access to crypto debit cards.

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Fortune asks: Why everyone is talking about the ICO?

Following on the heels of other major business magazines, Fortune made short mention of “initial coin offerings” on March 31st. It describes the process as “sort of like a crypto-financial twist on a Kickstarter campaign, has several advantages over alternatives. First and foremost, it’s eminently liquid.”

Coinbase gets approval for crypto-debit card in NY

New York’s financial regulator, the DFS, has announced that Coinbase has received its license to sell Litecoin and Ethereum within the state. Concomitant with that decision was approval of the company’s Shift debit card, which would allow users to spend cryptocurrency at a traditional point of sale, like dollars.

Americans learn about Litecoin

Litecoin has received attention this week for its growing SegWit adoption, a reference to an embattled scaling upgrade proposed in the Bitcoin community. Rounds of altcoins have received price pumps on the uncertainty around Bitcoin scaling; Litecoin is the latest to benefit from a loss of confidence in BTC.

The intellectual origins of blockchain

Starting with Satoshi’s first 9-page description of Bitcoin, the crypto community has a culture of publishing white papers for each new protocol it invents. Many academic papers from 1974 to 2004 set the stage; here’s a summary of the ones that laid the way for the peer-to-peer, proof-of-work networks we know and love.

Ethereum gains commercial ground in China

BlockApps is a NY-based company that produces Ethereum-compliant full stack platforms for development, deployment, and management of enterprise blockchain systems from POC to full production. It has announced a Series A round led by Fenbushi capital, a major China-based VC fund focused on blockchain investments which counts Vitalik Buterin as a partner.

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