Meeting Eyram Tawia

Me(right) and Courage Owuraku(left) with Eyram Tawia(center)

Yesterday Courage and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Eyram Tawia(center). Eyram is the CEO of Leti Arts, a game development company that operates in Ghana and in Kenya. Leti is from the Ewe word “Letivi” which means star, and truly Eyram is shining. He believes that gaming in Africa has the potential to be much more. In the Western world, the gaming industry is bigger than the music and movie industry combined. In Finland, it’s the country’s biggest industry. It’s bigger than Nigeria’s oil money. Finland is where Clash of clans and Angry Birds come from. They’ve turned their passionate fun into passionate business. I hope our African parents can take a cue from this hehe.

For Eyram, he’s asked himself, “why can’t this be the same in #Africa?” And so he’s taken the bold step to be a part of the pioneers in our continent. In fact, he’s known for making the first African video game. Impressive huh? I think so too. He’s a team player who believes in “making more of him”. And he taught programming yesterday with scriptures from the Bible. That was too dope. #tooDope

Eyram is really passionate about what he does. I hope to be like that in the future and I’m really working hard to make that happen.

Conclusions from yesterday: 
1. Eyram will be a big billionaire in years to come. Gaming in Africa is going to be really big.
2. We also need to patronize our own African products. 
3. I’ve come to value the training I’m receiving from my mentor Apostle Vinny Max Bani even more.
4. We have what it takes to make our continent great. Period.

I gotta go. Will catch up with y’all soon. Adios!

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