Know the Importance of Healthy Diet from the Experts

Why is a healthy diet important?

Eating a healthy diet with a plan rich in good carbohydrates, protein, Omega-3, grains, and low fat foods is essential to maintain a healthy body. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet provides the essential nutrients. Removing the fried foods and condiments from the diet also is a great way to improve the eating habits.

What are the responsibilities of a diet trainer?

As a diet trainer, Chris Daskalakis has promoted a healthy way of living through proper eating habits. He has worked in a group and also on an individual basis with patients of all ages. His main responsibilities are listed below:

• Advising patients about special diets
• Establishing and addressing key health needs
• Supporting the work of other healthcare professionals
• Educating health professionals and the public about nutrition
• Assisting people come to terms with their diseases
• Working as part of a multidisciplinary team
• Writing reports
• Developing meal plans by including both budget and preferences of the client into account
• Evaluating the consequences of meal plans and altering the diets as required

Based on the diagnosis of the physicians, Chris advices clients on which foods to eat and which foods to avoid in order to improve their health. He also offers customized information to the patients. For instance, Mr. Daskalakis asks clients with high blood pressure to reduce the intake of salt and for the obese patients; he asks to reduce the intake of sugar and fat content foods.
As a diet trainer, Chris Daskalakis has served hundreds of patients which include his own family members, athletes, actors, models, lawyers. Apart from working as a consultant he has also worked in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and cafeterias.

Chris owns a Nutrition clinic where one can visit in order to get treated for the following things:

• To modify eating habits
• To stop cravings for fast foods
• To lose or gain weight
• To increase the energy level
• To enhance performance
• To have a proper immune system

Besides this, one can get in touch with Chris for any explanation about the dietary plans. He works along with the patients to create a custom-made lifestyle plan so that one can improve the quality of life and lead a healthy life. He provides services to clients who come from diverse families and have diverse requirements overall.

So, in order to know more about the importance of healthy diet, one can get in touch with experts like Mr. Daskalakis.

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