What Datomic brings to businesses
Val Waeselynck

I’m constantly running into production issues that would be trivial to diagnose if we had a proper historical context. “How did the user’s account info get into this state?” is a fairly regular question for us, and is not answerable from MySQL alone. It requires munging through production logs and other painful things.

Also, we recently wanted to generate a report about how many people transitioned from one account type to another per month. Well, no can do, since our database doesn’t record historical information, only the present state.

The more I’ve played with DataScript the more I’ve come to appreciate its simplicity and flexibility.

In short, great read. I *really* want to try using Datomic, as it seems to solve a good many issues that I regularly face.

Is there a good hosted Datomic option, or do most Datomic users end up deploying their own cluster to their own servers?

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