Shane Carson Full Time Actor Part Time Truck Driver

This past month I had the pleasure of Interviewing our Alumnus Shane Carson. Shane has recently finished our Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program and has received his CDL certificate. What many don’t know is that Shane is an actor with the SAG-AFTRA union. Shane was looking for a way to improve his income in between acting jobs when he learned about truck driving as a career path. Shane then decided on Detroit Training Center after researching CDL training programs.

According to Shane “ being an actor, it is very important to diversify yourself and learn a number of different things.” Shane believes that improving his technical skill set may lead to better roles for him as an actor in addition to improving his income. Shane loved our classes and enjoyed learning various maneuvers including the 90 from Tom our CDL Instructor. After finishing the program, Shane was easily able to obtain a job in Colorado as a truck driver. After graduating Shane left DTC with kind words “Thank You DTC, I am very thankful, and I am very proud.”