My NEW book on Values — Coming Soon!

Values are to our foundation as our core (abdomen) is to our physical movement. The more we exercise and build up our core, the more dexterous we become for forward motion and direction.

In a similar way, our values become our core, the launching pad for the way we progress and behave in social interactions, and on our own, when only we know the truth. Our values are the eternal spring we can turn to for life-giving purpose, re-assessment, evaluation, encouragement, structure and renewal.

Values, when chosen properly, are of immeasurable meaning to your life and all of whom you encounter. They form the backbone for a constantly self-improving mindset which will only sharpen with time, of course when you put your wisely chosen values into practice. Values impact our thoughts, which influence our words and actions.

Values serve as the driving force behind the decisions we make and relationships we aim to build!

Without further ado, I want to share some details about my upcoming book on Values:

When: November 8th!!! I will share more details here on Medium, my personal website and social media. Please be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linked in for updates.

Where: For purchase via and on Amazon. More details to follow.

What: The book will profile and share inspirational, practical wisdom on how to integrate values into your life to lead you on the journey to your successful, future destiny. Each chapter can be read individually and picked up at any time. I share some personal stories, as well as many inspirational stories and easy-to-implement steps on how to live a bolder, more fulfilling life!

Live Boldly!

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