Buying Bitcoin Today

I am buying bitcoin today. The price has declined meaningfully enough over the past few days that it may be worth topping off (my allocation recommendation is 2–3% of assets, enough to be impactful but not too much to be too distracting). Coinbase now accepts credit card payments (with the Fidelity Visa you can get 2% back in addition to the 10% off with this link). In order to make certain that all of my credit card transactions are counted as purchases and not cash advances, I set my cash advance limit to $0.00. In addition, you can now sell your bitcoin via PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL).

What will BTC prices do over the short-term? Absolutely anything — up, down, or sideways. What will BTC prices do over the long-term? Measured year-to-year, they are likely to do well from here. They will probably stabilize well north of $1,000 per coin. Meanwhile you can get a head start on your BTC collection with 12% off between the referral link and the credit card cash back. While today’s UK vote gave fiat currencies a bit of a reprieve, longer-term skepticism towards the value of government backing will accrue to the benefit of bitcoin. Today may be a better day to buy, but the future will offer plenty of days to sell.

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