Warby Parkerization

You can get $75 off of my favorite shoes… You get $50 off of your first purchase and another $25 for signing up for their e-mail list. With a good cobbler, they will last as long as you will. After the discount, they come in at about 15% as expensive as the equivalent Berluti.

They are still not “cheap” but have a good value/mile and value/year. This is one of the best examples of the Warby Parkerization of retail — cutting out the middleman and selling direct to customers online with a high quality/low(er) cost/great service combination. I should say one of the best examples other than Warby Parker itself.

As with houses, cars, guns, and boats, one can get a decent value by more or less just buying what you want but then keeping it forever. Per year, you can get to some pretty low prices if you buy what you like then keep for decades what most people toss out and replace after only a few years.

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