The future that everyone forgot

Some of the work we did at Danger

Who we were and where we came from

But first, Peanut

You see, it was all about portals

Great for music, horrible for data

Pivoting before pivoting was a thing


The bleeding edge of two-way data at the time we started. It was a great pager but it didn’t bring anyone any joy.

The features

Early hiptop prototype called “Paperback”
Another early prototype called “Navi”
I couldn’t find a color screenshot. For a 2001 design I think it holds up pretty well.

The Deaf community

A typical TTY/TDD terminal from around 2003

Developer program


A few more things we could do before iOS and Android

©2003-2009 TeleNav

And finally, the coolest thing we never shipped

G1 prototype board. Photo courtesy of @ficus.

I’m a sailor. Sometimes I also write software.

I’m a sailor. Sometimes I also write software.