Poem: Oblivion

No ethereal eternity.
No knowing or thinking,
No consciousness at all,
No growing or shrinking.

No consequence, no providence,
No glowing or blinking,
No Earthly wherewithal,
No breathing, sleep or drinking.
No Bishop, Rook or Pawn or king,
No hope, no rope; just sinking.

No wings or strings of which to cling,
No entities, no soul to seize, 
No winter, spring or anything, 
No entwining spirits linking,
No Cherubs and no guardians,
No Angelic armor clinking.

No concept of time or space,
absent glimpses fast as winking.

Forsaken by continuation,
No more cognizance and inkling,
Glances of oblivion,
In the sky between the twinkling.

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