The good?
Jett Abbey

Thank you and excellent question. I do what I ‘think’ is right but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

I think everything is selfish. Wanting to be a good person is still wanting, and the outcome of being good makes the ‘wanter’ feel good about themselves. That doesn’t make it wrong and there’s nothing wrong with being selfish either. Being completely selfless is highly unlikely for a human being and rather the idea of being selfless is very egotistical. Am I a good person? Sometimes, but I wouldn’t know, nor do I care. I ‘want’ to be fair.

I decided a long time ago that a strong sense of fairness was the most important value to me. I don’t think that it should be important to anyone else as everyone should choose their own path. If I cross paths with someone hurting or mistreating someone else as I have many times before, I will selfishly intervene and do what ‘I think is right’ and that has nothing to do with them being wrong or their beliefs. It’s me being selfish and I’m fine with that if my selfishness stops someone from being injured or harassed.

It’s all about judgement and belief. I function freely and easily because I try to live by one simple rule(I call it the modified golden rule): I have no right to be who I am unless I extend that right to everyone. That includes the Stalins and the Dahmers, I don’t fault them for being who they are, they are not wrong, but if I see them on the street doing what they do, I will be who I am and I will die trying to stop them.

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