NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance
Felix Gessert

You’re missing one of the most important (open source) developments in NoSQL analytics: Quasar Analytics (

At its core is multidimensional relational algebra. It allows querying of NoSQL without any ETL or mapping or “data prep”.

You can now query live NoSQL data without any ETL or mapping or “data prep”.

Quasar supports MongoDB. In a few weeks it will support other NoSQL backends — and by year’s end relational databases. And that’s when it gets transformational at the industry level with the arrival of “federated queries”: The ability to query almost any data source AND do joins across them using the same query language. All the computation is done in-database.

It will take companies less resources and less time to on-board or try whatever new database they want. They will derive value sooner.

It’s the lingua franca needed to catalyze the data and analytics ecosystem at large.

I work on this project.

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