Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

My first thought when the election was over was that it was time to start fighting for my friends and relatives who could possibly be losing many of their civil liberties, but I was not immediately afraid for my own wife or children. We do not belong to the groups he is targeting.

But then I realized how foolish that was. My kids are both in the dual language program at their elementary school. Most of their close friends are hispanic. At some point during these friendships, it is likely that they will see their friends be bullied, threatened, or possibly even be deported. They may even be bullied or injured themselves for being friends with these kids. (All of whom I’ve met, and all of whom are WONDERFUL kids.)

And it didn’t take long for me to also realize that as a woman, my wife is not safe either. She could now be easily victimized in so many different ways, and it will be justified by the highest office in our country.

So for any of you who think you’re safe because you’re a straight, white male — start thinking about your kids, their friends, your wives, your girlfriends, your mothers, etc. NONE OF US are safe from this. Someone important to you could be injured or killed just for guilt by association. Someone you love could be sexually assaulted because that’s perceived as ok now. Hopefully that’s not what it takes to get you to wake up.

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