Horizontal Timeline Reference & Review: Getting Sideways

Chris Drinkut
Oct 13, 2016 · 2 min read

So, I found an alternative to the standard layout for a timeline. Perhaps you’ve seen the vertical layout, … well, feast your eyes and experiences on a whole new approach. Let’s test it out.

This particular setup is demoed and downloadable thanks to CodyHouse Check ’em out.

The first thing I did was to review the article, then download the zip file. I uploaded the zip via FTP to my space on the eHost server.

Eureka! The timeline is live on my own server. Time to hack.

I noticed the timeline didn’t have any images in it. While it appears to be responsive, I wanted to test that out. Images seem to work fine within the pre-set containers (I put my image inside a p tag on the Feb 28 milestone).

After I added an image, I realized quickly that I’d want to set a width percentage to the image to allow it to scale with the rest of the page content.

img {width: 60%;}

While this seems like a slider, it’s so much better. The set up actually involves a set of CSS animations.

I view sourced and tinkered with the font and milestone circle sizes (they are connected). My plan is to try this setup out in a couple of instances. As I do and as I learn more about customizing this code bed I’ll make note of it here.

A couple other things I noticed about this particular set up — include my opinion that the mobile experience on this is awesome.


So far so good.

Chris Drinkut

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