The Inevitable: A Book Review of 12 Trends Shaping Tomorrow

Chris Drinkut
Nov 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Kevin Kelly is the/ a co-founder of Wired magazine. He is seen as a tech culture visionary, and in his book Inevitable: 12 Trends he offers a look ahead into the increasingly wired world we live.

Through its chapters Kelly’s book provides insights around 12 cultural-technology-work trends that are already starting to shape how we live and work.

Our lives, including all inward and outwardly focused relationships, are being changed by the development of internet technology.

Here’s a quick re-telling of those 12 trends.

1. Becoming

In a world where each day brings with it innovations that weren’t around the day prior — we’re all new to this newness. It’s impossible not to be.

In the chapter entitled ‘becoming’ we’re introduced to this notion of ever-becoming familiar with the emerging world around us. … it’s a pretty plausible and insightful notion.

2. Cognifying

Wiring up our tennis shoes allows us the opportunity to see how far we’ve walked over a day, or similar. When so many of our daily use items get wired to the internet they’ll empower us to learn and do new things. For Kelly, Kogon the fine is about adding Internet, artificial intelligence, or similar technology infused enhancements to every day items. Snap chats glasses, a much less serious, fun, and potentially superficial offering is a good example of tech cognifying eyewear.

3. Flowing

“Whatever business you’re in, you’re now in the data business.” — Kevin Kelly. Today we live in streams of information, tomorrow an ocean. Flowing isn’t only about the over abundance of pixels and bites flood in our lives, but also about the time space ride we increasingly take and being washed in technology. Others have written about how culture has become much more fluid, less fixed and linear. Flowing, and my perspective, is also a reference to this phenomenon.

4. Screening

5. Accessing

“Access is so superior to ownership in many ways that it is driving the frontiers of the economy.” — KK … Speaking of, Bloomberg provided a nice run down on the self-driving cars hitting Pittsburgh in August, 2016. Here’s a key bit from it, “Starting later this month, Uber will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones, crossing an important milestone that no automotive or technology company has yet achieved.”

6. Sharing

7. Filtering

SOOOO much info. Need filtering to help select and make sense of it all.

8. Remixing

A fundamental habit of societies to advance what’s working and what’s needed of existing goods and services. Often commodities aren’t altogether new things, but improved modifications of known items.

9. Interacting

“Virtual reality is going to change our internet of information into an internet of experiences.”

10. Tracking

Anything that can be tracked will be tracked. The upshot is an extremely personalized life+internet (?!) experience.… On that note, here’s a nice article on encrypting your life. :)

11. Questioning

Moving from a world where answers are free … into one where really, really good questions are formed.

12. Beginning

This is an evolutionary period in history.

It’s a solid book. I have to take it back to the library today, and I haven’t finished it, but what I did get out of it was good. It has me thinking.

Chris Drinkut

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