This is not the country my grandfather fought for. This is not the country I was raised to believe in. We have become a weak and paranoid and fragile and anxious country on the precipice of decline. America was the great experiment but now each day brings us another failure - proof that we are no longer the shining example of freedom and democracy we try to make the rest of world believe. No matter how hard we beat our chests, most of the free world has evolved beyond this animalistic machismo born of WWII and is moving on.

Unless we rise up and right this ship soon, in 50 years we'll barely warrant a nod from countries as they pass us on the road to what we could have been. It's time we as a nation stop coasting on the goodwill of our mid-century forebears and start leading by example again. There are few things we still excel at when compared to the rest of the world, but I have to believe that the grit and ingenuity we used to trailblaze our first 200 years as a free nation is still there, waiting to be harnessed.

Our greatness wanes, but our future can be so much more. It needs to be more. Our children deserve the right to change the world in the ways only they know how. And we have to give them that chance. We've made their job so much harder by electing such a vile human, but with our love, compassion, and support they can help us make this country into everything it used to be.