Why Grammarly is a Powerful Tool for Content Marketers

It’s no secret, I do a lot of affiliate marketing. However, I have a very strict rule, I only recommend products I personally use and that are truly beneficial for my audience.

Which means, every product or service I recommend on the Resource page, I actually use or have used, and know that they offer extreme value for you.

I can honestly say, until last week, I have never been rejected by an affiliate program.

I started using this service called Grammarly. It’s a FREE simple yet highly effective grammar checking tool.

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Simply put it makes your writing better. Much better for many.

How it works…

Well, I don’t really know how it works but it’s brilliant. Plus the fact that you can use it while in your Chrome or Safari browser means you can use it anytime you’re writing online. On Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you go on the Web

What makes me an even bigger fan, they have a desktop app! Which is what I used to craft this article.

I didn’t have to because I use a WordPress blog and when I create a new article on my site Grammarly still works because of its browser extensions.

Ok, so why is this such a big deal?

I write a lot of content and it’s important that your content is easy to read which requires good spelling and proper grammar.

I’m always looking for hacks to help people improve in what they do. And with so many people creating content, and knowing that there are so many people with really poor grammar and spelling they need a tool like Grammarly that is low friction and easy to use.

Does being an affiliate make sense for me?

Yes! Because ever since I discovered this tool, I’ve told everybody to use it. When I tell people to create content, I tell them to use Grammarly so that they’re not embarrassed.

Here’s the other thing, I’m a power user! According to Grammarly.

What do I mean by power user?

Grammarly does this really cool thing. Every week they send out an email showing you how you’re performing.

This is cool for a couple of reasons.

  1. It strokes the ego when you have good stats
  2. It makes it easy to see how your spelling and grammar are improving
SIDE NOTE: This is a really good growth hack example. If you can get your users to use your service, something like this should keep them using it.

These are images of the stats Grammarly has sent me over the past 4 weeks.

Either I’m a power user or there aren’t very many active Grammarly users?

It’s true. I wanted to show these images because my ego needed it, ha ha ha ha!

Final thought

This is a power tool to hack the results of your content.

As I mentioned I used the Grammarly App to craft this article. Once I was done I copied it into my WordPress editor and ran a Readability test. This was the results…It works!

What do you think?

Should Grammarly give me another review and except my affiliate app? How many of you plan to go download Grammarly and give it a try? What other apps like Grammarly are you using?