We CREATE in the world through our language and words.

We all want to create lives of fullness, of complete self-expression, a life lived well, the good life. Often I find myself simply hoping this will naturally fall into place. Keeping my mouth shut and my lid on my pen and wishing life will magically unfold infront of me.

Durnig our voice retreat we took a deepdive into the mechanics of communication. What came was this:

What we create in the world beings with the words we speak.

Words, written and spoken, are magical. In ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’ David Abram uncovers the power within the language we use noticing it’s not called ’Spelling’ for nothing.

As you create your fulfilling life you’ll use words, in conversation, in writing, in papers and plans, in visions, journal entries, prayers and songs that will caste your intention and truth out into the universe. Use yours words wisely, authentically and ensure they land.

And in a beautifully dance of give and receive, be open to hear, to listen and to understand others, for this is how you will support them in creating what they way.

Authenticity is a current ‘buss-word’ within the business leadershipi scene. This is because those leaders who are best able to communicate their truth authentically are the ones creating the most success in their businesses.

Where do you need to speak or write more, in order to create what you want?

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