All the Good in the World is in YOU

All the Good in the World is in You

Chris here taking short finger to sweet keyboard to validate the living crap out of you.

Today’s world is weird isn’t it? Have you noticed that there is some seriously strange stuff going on?

I have never seen anything like this in all my years on this spinning space rock and yet every day it just gets weirder.

Rampant violence and drug use, illiteracy, confusion, blah, blah, blah and on and on.

We are told that chaos is the natural order of the universe and that is possibly true however this theory misses one vital point. WE put order into chaos. That is our function and purpose on this planet.

We each have various areas in life like family, work, various religious or non religious groups, etc. And we attempt to put in order in each one of those areas.

We are extremely good at this and when we are unopposed, we do it easily.

Today, however there is opposition and it is violent and it is nasty.

We may start to wonder, are we the ones who are crazy? Are we so wrong? Are we bad?

Well, put your fears aside because I am here to tell you that the answer is no.

This is a crazy universe and there are covert and crazy people here who are very destructive.

If you are reading this and wondering, I can tell you that it is not you.

We can all look at yesterday and point out all the things that went wrong, all the incorrect actions and decisions we feel we might have made.

But we are looking with today’s eyes. Today is not yesterday and yesterday we were acting on the information we had at that time.

20/20 hindsight is great but it is always looking with more information than you had at the time you made the decision.

It is unfair to judge yourself with today’s eyes.

Yesterday you were doing the absolute best you could with the information to hand. And you made a decision and you acted. Good on you!

We are not yesterday’s decisions or incorrect actions. We are not the critical opinions of ourselves or others, We are not bad. We are not evil. We are inherently good and honest and accepting and smart and a host of other wonderful things.

Anything that says we are not is a lie and it is not us.

If you have thoughts that are self critical. Know they are crazy add ons or weird ass plug ins and viruses that are designed to mess up your mental computer. Realize that they can ruin your life. Recognize them for what they are i.e. crap.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are smart. You are strong and you can figure things out.

Deep down there is NOTHING in this universe that is as perfect as you.

Your happiness depends on you knowing and accepting this fact as true.

Hope this helps.

XO Chris

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