Shane Smith & The Saints set to release their latest, “Hail Mary”

Chris Epting
May 31 · 3 min read

Austin, Texas-based band, Shane Smith & The Saints, are no stranger to taking a stage by storm for a live performance, and now, they’ve taken that force and harnessed it into their upcoming album. The band has announced the release of Hail Mary for June 28, their first full project since 2015. The much-anticipated project, produced by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers), is being unveiled to listeners through a series of chapter releases leading up to the full album at the end of June.

The release of the second chapter, The Fall, features three singles, “Parliament Smoke,” “Little Bird,” and the title track, “Hail Mary.” So far, the two chapter releases have shown a new side of Shane Smith and the Saints, complete with four-part harmonies and outstanding production, bringing a real full and cinematic feel to every song. It’s not a band’s reinvention so much as a full sonic-actualization. Between the obvious stylistic transition of Shane Smith & The Saints, and the band’s energized creative spirit, what we’ve heard of Hail Mary presents itself as the definitive album of the band’s discography.

When asked about the new sound of the album, Shane responded, “Hail Mary is completely different than anything we’ve ever released. Sonically, lyrically, and even as a team with the efforts we’ve made. There’s so much that went into this record in an attempt to release it on a larger scale, and send it out to “deeper seas”, if you will…”

Going out into these deeper seas, Shane wanted to release the album in strategic waves, “I felt like our fans had waited long enough, and I’d rather them not wait till the end of June,” he laughed, “But if I’m being completely honest, the songs on the album go with an overarching theme. It talks about the band’s early days, the hardships and mistakes, learning from it all and where to go from there. It cuts deep in a lot of ways and it made sense to theme each set of songs with a chapter title.”

Shane Smith is on to something about giving the fans what they want. Chapter 1: The Beginning, available now on all streaming outlets, contains a trio of singles to kick off the series of releases. “Heaven Knows”, “Whirlwind”, and “Oklahoma City” were met with the anticipated fan excitement, collectively garnering over 100,000 streams on Spotify in the first weekend. Now, with the release of the second chapter, The Fall, fans get another taste of Shane Smith & The Saints evolving sound.

Listeners can find The Beginning and The Fall on all streaming platforms with even more music on the horizon. Needham exclaimed about the album, “I love this band, and Shane’s voice is incredible! The big harmony parts are what put it over the top. Buy this record!” Hail Mary is available for advance order at

Shane Smith & The Saints fans can expect a music-filled summer, with the band on an extensive tour celebrating the upcoming release.

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