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I was walking to a 10am class when a friend said something along the lines of “did you guys see that the World Trade Center collapsed?” He was a constant joker, and although it didn’t sound like a joke, I couldn’t take him seriously, I laughed. I had been at the foot of the towers a couple weeks before, and the thought of those towers collapsing was preposterous.

“No seriously, a plane hit the tower and it fell down” that sounded even more ludicrous. He spent the rest of the walk trying to convince us that this actually happened, and that he wasn’t joking. “They also hit the Pentagon and the White House” now it was less a story of an absurd accident and more an act of war. We believed him, but we couldn’t believe it.

When we got to class the internet was our only link to the outside world, no television, no phones. News websites were nearly impossible to reach. Rumors were rampant as factual news was hard to come by. As bits of news trickled in, it was shared around the room and slowly the story was pieced together. The White House wasn’t hit, it wasn’t an accident, and it was all becoming painfully real.

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Co-Founder of Elemeno, Formerly lead developer at Teehan+Lax

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