Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit, Joins FUEL as General Partner

Chris Howard
Leah Busque & Chris Howard, Fuel Capital G.P.s

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Leah Busque, the founder of TaskRabbit, has joined FUEL Capital as General Partner.

Leah brings an incredible amount of talent and experience to FUEL. As a pioneering founder, Leah has built one of the most recognized consumer technology brands of the past decade. Leah knows firsthand what it’s like to build a product from scratch, raise money at the early stages, hire the first five employees, and set the right course for strategy and culture. She will be an amazing partner to FUEL’s founders, who will get valuable insight from a fellow entrepreneur who has actually been in their shoes.

FUEL Capital was co-founded in 2013 with the help of Brad Silverberg, but up until now, I’ve been the firm’s sole General Partner. I always envisioned operating FUEL Capital as a team, alongside another General Partner — but I wanted to take the time to find the right person. When I met Leah almost a year ago, it immediately became clear that she would be the ideal partner to take FUEL to the next level.

FUEL’s next phase

Leah joining FUEL marks an exciting inflection point for the firm. From our inception in 2013 until today, we’ve been heads down in building mode: raising two funds, investing in more than 70 companies, and spending countless hours working with founders to help them succeed. Now that FUEL has established a solid base, it’s time to move into a new phase of growth.

I’ve mostly built my career in venture capital behind the scenes. By extension, FUEL Capital has largely flown under the radar. Along with her technical background as an engineer and product visionary, Leah has a knack for building community and communicating ideas authentically at scale. I’m excited to see how her contributions will shape FUEL’s story going forward.

Founders first, always

Leah and I share the same ethos of putting founders first. We both started as relative outsiders in Silicon Valley: Me as a Seattle-based ad exec turned investor, and Leah as a Boston-based software engineer turned startup founder. We understand the additional challenges that founders face when they don’t fit the mold typically sought out by the traditional gatekeepers.

That’s why FUEL does things differently. We focus on technology and talent, not pretense. Leah and I are both committed to giving talented outsiders the inside edge. Together, we’re working to find outstanding founders, technologies and ideas wherever they may be — and will do everything we can to help them reach their full potential.

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