How Hiring an Expert Energy Rating Assessor Can Save Your Dollar?

Chris Freeman
Aug 31, 2019 · 5 min read

Should you spend your hard-earned money on hiring energy rating assessor?

Qualified energy assessors can identify installation issues in your house, which is one of the key reasons for the low rating in energy efficiency report. To understand the importance of getting a high energy rating for your house, first, you should have a clear understanding of what energy assessment is.

What is an energy assessment for building?

An Energy Rating Assessment is a necessary and effective way to minimize the overall energy consumption of your residence or commercial building. It is an inspection survey that monitors the current energy consumption in your building and comes up with solutions that can make your building more energy-efficient.

Here’s an infographic that might help you understand the concept:

Source: Neutrino Burst

The notable features looked at when rating a home –

  • Type of construction
  • Size of the building
  • The orientation of the building
  • The climate zone the building is in
  • Level of insulation
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Lighting implementation

All these are the concern for your home designer and energy rating auditor. Here the main challenge for you is to find an experienced, skilled, and accredited energy rating assessor who will do a thorough inspection and provide a detail report at the end.

Rating requirement may vary from country to country —

  • The U.S. Department of Energy developed a national Home Energy Score Rating System. This is a one-to-ten scale where five is average home score and ten represents the most efficient houses. Once issued, the rating is valid for 10 years. [1]
  • For South Australia, a building (unless eligible for a concession) must get a rating of 6-stars using an accredited software program like BERSPro, AccuRate, and FirstRate5. [2]

Benefits of getting an excellent energy rating in the long run:

  • Ultimately saves money
  • Enhances energy conservation
  • Help achieve sustainable development
  • Protect energy sources from depletion

Who are the building energy assessors?

Energy assessors are those individuals who inspect the overall energy consumption of your building and provide Energy Efficiency Report. Energy assessors must be accredited to ensure that they are competent, have proper training and skills needed to conduct these assessments.

You might wonder how important it really is to hire such an energy rating assessor.

It is imperative because a wrong assessment can cost you not only money but also the desired building approval.

Here are a few good reasons that might clear your confusions about why to hire a professional and experienced energy rating assessor — even if it costs you more.

Missing elements that significantly affect the energy assessment report

According to the Building Code Australia (BCA), the first thing they consider is construction materials. A common scenario we find when someone chooses an inexperienced/low-profile assessor is ‘missing elements’. Here, missing means the calculated energy for your home will is inaccurate and might lead you to wrong estimation. One missing window or door can lead to an energy efficiency score that might be higher or lower than the actual one. Even compliance elements like rainwater tank, draughts seals, ceiling fans, ceiling insulation, and ventilation windows in the laundry can show a deviated result in your energy rating report if not assessed correctly.

Proper assessment methodology

There are strict models an assessor has to follow. For measuring the thermal condition of a commercial project, Verification Method JV3 has to be followed. Similarly, for your residential space, the NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) model is recognized nationwide. The assessor has to be acquainted with the NatHERS software and is responsible for the NatHERS Zoning rules.

Usually, amateur energy assessors don’t have any proper methodology that they follow while auditing. Meaning the home energy rating report you are getting has a great chance to have a lot of errors, and if that is discovered by the investigators, it might leave you with a penalty.

Apply up-to-date procedures

An experienced assessor always applies updated technologies and strategies — such as using 2nd generation energy rating software (e.g. FirstRate5) for measuring the relative thermal performance of residential buildings. It ensures that you get the best result. However, the same thing goes missing when you choose an unskilled energy rating assessor.

Qualification level of your assessors

It is important that you check the level of qualification your assessors have. Having some basic knowledge will help you to spot an inexperienced energy assessor. This energy rating calculator may help you a little. Also, you may check if they have completed any energy efficiency certifications accredited from the proper authority.

Maximize your cost

There is nothing you can do once the construction is completed. That’s why it is said that your building can be more energy-efficient if you choose assessor who is well trained, accredited, and completely certified to carry out their work. Remember, you are the one who will pay the ultimate price if anything goes wrong or missing during the assessment process.

Take a look at this quick diagram to clarify why choosing the wrong energy rating auditor will result in extra cost for your home:

So what’s your take on this? Would you take some time looking for well-experienced energy efficiency consultant, or pay the higher price by ignoring the facts?

If you are planning for a new building or renovation, please do consider the above factors. Professional energy rating assessors or home energy consultants can help you achieve a minimum of 6-star energy rating, as required by the state of Victoria. If you’re living there, please contact the experts of Superior Energy Rating for detail information and get a free quote ASAP.

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