Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

I know things are hard at the moment and no Corbyn may not win — in fact I assume there will be a re-election before November which would ruin Corbyn— but these conversations have been enough to start convincing people that things HAVE to change. The Establishment does exist, it’s human nature to help out friends/colleagues etc, and this will need to change within politics for the good of the globe. It is inevitable. Whether that is with Corbyn or after time will tell.

We do need to think how is best to help Corbyn and at the same time be concerned of the wars, loss of life and general hurt that will be caused along the way (look at America and the Black Lives Matter movement…it could be worse). It is important we learn from a leader like Corbyn and take time for people, learn to help one another and create a community atmosphere again as apposed to the distant, unapproachable society we’re heading towards.

Peace out but good stuff Owen =)