It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Hi John,

Thanks for a great article. I am completely sympathetic to your argument. I lived in West Africa for 4.5 years, and was acutely aware that it is all too easy to impose a culture, particularly one that is wealthy (Western) on the challenges facing West African cultures and communities. My family and I all tried very hard to learn as much as we could about Ghanaian history and cultural norms, and I do hope we are very open minded about recognising differences in culture, and that these differences are ok, actually they are more than ok, they are great because it celebrates all the wonderful diversity of our planet. But I do have a question, apart from calling out racist comments from friends and family, how do we change societies viewpoints? How do we have discussions about cultural differences and the burden our societies carry into the future? Would really value your advice.

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