Why most people’s favorite color is blue
alex ioana

An interesting piece, though I seem to go against the grain, possibly because right from childhood, I’ve associated blue with the despised (in my family) Tory party (Conservative in the UK) right wing. Growing up in a staunchly Labour party supporting socialist household, it’s no surprise that red became my favourite colour.

Reading the post, I questioned whether this preference for colours might have political overtones dependent on the country one grew up in, and I wondered if the writer would address this. Then I came to the reference to blue representing political liberalism, Christianity and even modern corporate culture, which effectively answered my questioning because although in the US, the liberal left are described as ‘blue’, here in the UK, the oppoite is true. As for Christianity and corporate culture, which I hadn’t considered, it underlined my own feelings toward blue as both are things I tend to look down on… but that’s just me as an atheist socialist Brit.

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