I disagree completely with every ounce of my being.
Ronnie Heaven

I agree with you Ronnie. I’m not gay, but some of my characters are, and I hope I don’t caricature them (except when they are deliberately caricaturing themselves, as gay friends I’ve had frequently did). I like to think I treat them with respect. Likewise, the protagonist in my series is a high class prostitute, but I’m neither a woman, nor on the game… it doesn’t stop me from writing her sympathetically as one of the good guys in my crime novels. ( http://lrd.to/DmxyMexrzf )
I’m not a police officer, but I can write about the way they interact with each other with reasonable accuracy from my own research (fortunately my son in law is a copper) … and that’s the key: research… and a desire to get it right. We owe our readers nothing less.

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