In Knowing Jesus

“Grace to you and peace be multiplied in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord…” — the Apostle Peter

It struck me as I read this opening line in his second letter that Peter makes a direct connection between the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ and grace and peace. In other words, knowing God through Jesus Christ brings grace and peace to the human soul; grace being the receiving of unmerited favour and peace being that holistic “shalom” in which all of life seems to come into alignment and rest.

Telling others about Jesus is not then merely an attempt at conversion. It is, at its core, an act of love. It is an echo of God’s own invitation to *receive* that which he would give, namely, grace and peace. Are you aware of how empty, broken and meaningless life is? There is grace, unmerited favour, in knowing Jesus. Are you restless, weary from the struggle and feeling lost? There is peace that exceeds all understanding in knowing Jesus.

Originally published at Chris Green.

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