Hey all,

This will be a super short post, the sole purpose of which is to tell readers and followers about the featured poem series I will be running on my IG page.

I have gotten a ton of emails and direct messages recently asking me to provide feedback on poems. Usually I am pretty good about getting back to people with a few comments relatively quickly, but recently, with regards to one follower, I dropped the ball. I didn’t even notice the message until weeks after she had sent it. Filled with guilt, and very impressed with the poem, I posted it to my IG. The post got a ton of love, so I thought “hm…I should let people know that if they send me their work, I will post it and tag them, and spread some of the social media wealth around the poetry community.”

So, I posted a graphic with a caption asking for people to send me work. My DM’s and email were inundated with poems, which I did not expect. What especially surprised me were notes attached to the work that said things like “I hope you are still taking submissions…”

Fast forward: Starting now, I will be taking submissions for featured poems to be posted on my Instagram weekly.

Submission Guidelines: Please send no more than 1 poem per week via direct message on IG to @grillochristopher_e or via email to

You may format the poem within a graphic so it is ready to post, or simply send text. If the latter, I will take liberties with the motif of the graphic.

Poems can be no longer than 10 lines. Poems that are too large for formatting on IG will not be considered.

Please include within your submission: your IG handle, links to other websites or platforms, and a 3rd person bio (to be written in the caption section of the post)

I think this will be fun!