Sorry ‘Chimp, My Heart Belongs to Drip
Chris Scott

Scott Wyden Kivowitz, true, until you need to send multiple welcome sequences out to the same subscriber on that list.

Case in point:

Brand new visitor downloads the Preveal Lookbook. No problem, Mailchimp sees them as a new subscriber and fires off the welcome email that includes the link to the lookbook. Hooray!

Same subscriber now mosey’s on over to Salesographer, gets interested in the 7 Deadly Sales Sins ebook, signs up. And nothing happens. Because I’m not able to trigger a welcome email again, because they’ve already been “welcomed”.

There was something else to this and, since it’s been 2 years, I can’t remember the exact details. It was something surrounding sending out automation sequences to existing subscribers. I don’t remember the details.

Suffice it to say, there was simply no solution for me without custom code and/or having to hit the API to handle what should have been easy: send multiple welcome sequences, lead magnets, onboarding campaigns to existing subscribers. I can do all of this through Drip’s UI.

In seconds.

On the fly.

Beyond that, the segments (Groups?) became an absolute nightmare:

  • Owns Salesographer but not Preveal
  • Owns Swift Galleries but not Preveal
  • Owns Salesographer and Swift Galleries, but not Preveal
  • Owns Salesographer and Preveal, but not Swift Galleries
  • Owns Swift Galleries and Preveal, but not Salesographer
  • You get the point… nightmare.

In Drip, it’s:

  • Tag: purchasedSwiftGalleries
  • Tag: purchasedPreveal
  • Tag: purchasedSalesographer

Now I can mix and match any of those tags on the fly and send out custom emails to any segment on a broadcast-by-broadcast or campaign-by-campaign basis. I can also use those tags for inserting custom stuff into those emails with Liquid templating.

I may not be remembering the details perfectly (it’s been 2 years) but after wrestling with trying to organize everyone on one list, reaching out dozens of times to Mailchimp’s support and even talking with a 3rd party company to come in and overhaul our Mailchimp setup to try to make it work, making the switch to Drip was the path of least resistance.

And it was worth every single penny.

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