College Football Duel on Social Media

What is the new trend in College Football? Guess! No, it’s not two rival teams playing each other in a big game. The new trend is two teams fighting it out on social media. On December 31st, 2016 the Clemson Tigers faced off against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl. Even though both teams had terrific seasons, Clemson came out on top with a whopping score of 31–0 against Ohio State. But the real show was off the field as both teams went off on social media. Each college had their own thing going as pictures and videos took over.

Every year a variety of teams show off their schools with funny or cool videos on social media. Ohio State created and posted a video of Brooklyn native, Curtis Samuel and Buckeyes linemen Michael Jordan as they both made a video of how great Ohio State football is. The main reason for this video was not just to show fans about how great Ohio State is. But to show recruits how great Ohio State is but also show off football program. Zach Swartz of Ohio State’s football Media team talks about how Urban Meyer targets recruits by using social media, “that’s all he cared about.” As he added, “It was making this recruiting department the best in the country and having someone in here on a daily basis produce the content and get it out to the recruits. That’s the number 1 goal”(Sports Illustrated, Pete Thamel). The coaching staff to think about this­­­­­–create clips­ and post on social media is genius. In addition, recruits that are looking for colleges to play football at are most likely going to look for these types of videos and add the college to their list; because recruits like to see what the school and the football program can offer. On the other hand, there are more creative ways of getting the attention of a top recruit to look at your school.

At Clemson, the staff had the same idea but a different mindset on how to get people’s attention on social media. An official from Manchester United was so impressed with the Clemson’s social media platform that an official reached out and said how great of a job they did. The idea they used was to create more than just highlights on the social media site called vine, which is a platform for people to post short videos. After they received a compliment on vine from the Manchester United official, Clemson’s athletic director, Joe Galbraith said, “That’s a very cool compliment from the world’s most famous sports brand”(Sports Illustrated, Pete Thamel). Other than vine, Clemson used twitter as a popular source to show fans an inside look at the team. For example, they showed behind the scenes, snapshots of players, and even what players wore before — or during games. From a personal stand point, fans and even general sports fans love seeing that because it’s not what they get to see everyday and sport fans enjoy seeing that especially coming from a big football program like Clemson.

Overall, many teams go head-to-head on the field in big games. But big college programs like Clemson and Ohio State go at it on social media. Big programs always want to show everyone why there school is the best in the country. The best way to do that is by social media. Furthermore, these big schools have different ways of showing it and impacts a lot of people — college recruits or even officials from other sports team across the globe. Each team coming up with different ways to show them off is a great way to get recognized, especially in this day in age because everyone uses social media.