Knocking on the Door: ‘Social Media Gaps’

In the world today, social media sites have gained amazing growth and popularity as people are using it non-stop. In other words, different generations such as boomlets, millenniums, generation ‘x’, baby boomers, and Matures have all started some sort of social media chain. The most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. As these media sites grow and more people use them, people find more and more ways of using them. For example, people use it for fun, others for business, and in our studies. But in a recent article I read, “Inside The Growing Social Media Skill Gap” by Ryan Holmes, he talks about how practicing or getting to know social media sites better can help you down the road as these social media sites are getting more technological, which companies are seeing as a great investment. In addition, social media are making big impacts in communities and environments globally. In the past couple of years, people have learned to appreciate social media and what it can do for people all across the globe.

Furthermore, the working world has shifted into the era of technology. We use it every day of our lives. Our growing love for it has changed but more importantly advanced the way we communicate to one another. Adding on, it has changed the way we do business and the way we live today. In the article, Ryan mentions, “the number of jobs and job descriptions on ( mentioning social media skills is booming.”(Social Media Gaps, Ryan Holmes, 2016). I find that very interesting because not long ago we just started using social media to connect with just friends. In my mind, twenty years isn’t that much time, but now looking how quickly the working world and universities are enforcing and teaching social media sites is crazy to think about but I am positive everyone saw this coming. Adding on to another point Ryan mentions is how some social media companies are going to, “double their budget is the next five years”(Social Media Gaps, Ryan Holmes, 2016). In detail, the world we live in today, upgrading or investing in social media sites are a safe way to go just because how many people use it on a daily basis. To clarify, more people are learning — getting to know how to use social media to their advantage to become the most successful person they can be in a changing world.

Overall, reading and learning about how social media gaps can not necessarily hurt you but push you back of not getting a certain job or opportunity — because of having some sort of gap in social media and using it in a positive way is astounding to think about. But like I mentioned before, everyone defiantly saw this coming. No doubt, the new advanced technology has boosted, which has impacted social media in a big way. This new tech era has hit the world quicker and harder than ever. To sum up, technology has advanced — made life easier and more enjoyable. As time goes on technology will get more advanced and more complex. As for social media, companies and people should get ready and be more prepared for the new era of technology and what social media can offer in the future.