Microwave — Stovall

August 2014

I found Microwave on Spotify and my first thought was “Wow this band is called Microwave? I bet they suck”. Turns out I’m just a judgmental asshole. Grass Stains was the first song I heard, if I could concentrate it would have turned out great but I can’t was the line that sucked me in. I had braced myself for disappointment, expecting just another letdown from this weekly suggestion playlist that I would skip over after the first ten seconds or so, but this album turned out to be a new favorite of mine. For me these songs hit home, and they hit with passion and energy and a rawness thats somewhat subtle right up until the vocalist is screaming in your ears. This album is absolutely a new favorite of mine.

Best Thing About The Album: In my opinion the best thing is easily the lyrics. You can tell the words have been thought out, there’s no cliche hooks or choruses that feel like plastic. These songs don’t feel like a product that was produced in a factory on an assembly line. This band took their real thoughts, real stories, real feelings, and made them into art. They took all their talents and exploited the shit out of them in the best way possible.

Worst Thing About The Album: This album is emotionally heavy, which i really appreciate but can understand is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is not your cutesy scene kid album circa 2007 about sunshine and your crush who bites their lip when they smile. This is an album for people who are crushing on someone who isn’t crushing on them back. This is an album for people who can accept that life isn’t always perfect, and the struggle might leave you feeling broken and alone. Personally I love music like that. I appreciate the honesty and the realness, and it’s nice to have something to relate to when you’ve had a bad day. On the flip side other people might be put off by lines like you die again the last time that someone speaks your name.

Favorite Song: Trash Stains

Grade: 9/10

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