For the person considering content marketing for their business:

Ask a lawyer why they use legalese in contracts. If they are honest, it’s to protect the barrier to entry of the profession. I think this post may scare someone away from getting started if they look at it the wrong way and think they have to have the perfect f’n post to publish anything. The problem is they already think that. You have to write your first post to get to your second. And third. And only your hundredth will be any good. If you are a business person and you are reading this. Just go write. Don’t let the incumbents like us scare you. You’ll get better. And someday, we will see you achieve greater heights than we ever thought possible; and I’ll scream out, “Get off my lawn!” As you laugh your way to the post-content marketing bank.

Stop polishing your rock. Hit publish. The diamond comes on the thousand post.

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Chris Handy is on a mission to help companies to #stopblasting their customers. He leads the team at

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