Qwiki — Search and Read Wikipedia from your Menu Bar!

I’ve personally just launched an app!

It’s called Qwiki, and as the name suggests — it’s a Wikipedia app. It presides solely in your Mac’s menu bar, and let’s you quickly and easily search Wikipedia whenever you need to.

Once you’ve found the article you want to read, then you just need to click on it and it will open it directly inside Qwiki! If you prefer a full desktop browser experience, then you can set Qwiki to always open articles in your default browser. That’s not an issue!
I know people like to share links as well. So along with the native Mac OS Share Sheet, there is also a Copy Link button! This will by default copy the article’s URL, or you can also set Qwiki to output the Markdown or HTML equivalent. — getQwiki.co

I’ve spent a lot of time on this, and I’m very genuinely pleased with the outcome.

So I’d be honoured if you would check out Qwiki. The price will be £1.49/$1.99/€1.99 (depending on your location). But to celebrate the launch, I’m offering a 50% off discount for the first few days! (7th-10th June).

So it will be just £0.79/$0.99/€0.99!

You can buy Qwiki from the Mac App Store!

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