Some People are So Hypocritical and They Don’t Even Know It

People tend to change their minds a lot, and while that’s okay, sometimes it’s just being plain hypocritical. When they say someone should do one thing, expect something else, and usually complain about what happened.

The scenario I’m specifically writing about is Apple, and the way they release and work on products. There’s a bunch of discussion about it, and I don’t know if people actually think about what they say most of the time.

Apple Should Just Focus

The theory that Apple can’t possibly cope with some extra products in their line. Sure, that may be true for a normal manufacturer, but they are one of the largest and most valuable in the world.

But then, Apple say there out of the external display business. Maybe they’re listening to these people, and are actually focussing on fewer products, or they think other people can do a much better job at it, and it’s probably a waste of time for them to produce substandard products.

So then you got the “Why did Apple stop making screens?”, “I just want to buy an Apple Monitor”…

So they weren’t meant to focus then?

The same thing happened with their now retired range of wireless access points, and network drives.

Should they focus? Or should they just make their version of everything? Maybe it’s something completely different, and they haven’t told us yet?

Why Can’t They Just Tell Us About Future Products?

So this year we had the Mac event, which was pretty much just the MacBook Pro event. Which meant the iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and other laptops weren’t included.

Have they forgotten about the Mac, don’t they care about it anymore? Apple want us to just buy the iPad…

There was a lot of this talk, and by all means there are reasons to discuss why Apple didn’t announce any updates to these products. But then you get the situation where people just want to be told that something is on it’s way.

Hang on. Isn’t that what they done with the AirPods? No-one is particularly happy about that either.

All I’m saying is, everyone has their own opinion on how Apple should work, how they’re DOOMED!, etc. Maybe the best thing for Apple is that they just carry on in their own way.

And maybe I should learn that no matter what happens, you can’t please everybody.

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