Weather By Emoji

I've always been creating random websites, but on the 10th November last year I had an idea of showing the current weather in Emoji. I would have to have it work with your current location, or by typing one in.

So I got working in a text editor, getting the basic layout of the website done. I found a really simple weather library called simpleWeather.js, that is super simple and uses the data from Yahoo Weather.

The benefits of using simpleWeather was that all I needed to give it was a location, and it returned a code depending on the weather in the area. For example ‘28’ means Mostly Cloudy, and we get that a lot here in England.

So for each different code, I would display on the screen a different Emoji. I later found out that Apple Devices don’t let you resize them past a certain point, which really ruined the look of the site. I settled for a more flat Emoji font, because it still gave the same effect.

I shared it a bit on Twitter, using the hashtag #WeatherByEmoji. After a short while I forgot about the project.

Product Hunt

But recently I got an invite for Product Hunt, and I was able to add Weather By Emoji to it. I just wanted to know what people thought of it. But already it has 60 upvotes, and some good comments. I’m still relatively new to Product Hunt, so I don’t know how good that is, but I’m pleased with it!

The stats don’t lie. And they show that in the first week or so after making it and posting it on Twitter, I was getting about 30 visits a day. You can probably tell when I posted it to PH though, as it got 1,127 views in a single day, and 1323 the next. Views have since dwindled down to make around 10 a day, but that’s fine for what it is!

Because of this it got quite a lot of shares on Twitter, and if you do a quick search of “Weather By Emoji” you can see for yourself. I included a Tweet button on the site as well which shares something like “Super awesome weather #WeatherByEmoji” and then the link of the current weather.


I can’t say it changed my life completely, but It’s good to see that people enjoyed the project. And it probably means I’ll make a few more in the future, just need to wait for the next random idea to pop into my head.

I guess it’s some sort of promotion for myself, as I saw a few web developer people tweet the link, and even a few cool people followed me because of it!

But I'm really happy with the outcome, and if you want you can check the weather over at!

P.S. There’s a cheeky link on the website to buy me a coffee for my efforts :P

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