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  • Alex Olteanu

    Alex Olteanu

    ‘Stronger United’ & ‘CRÆDO’ President. Redefining active citizenship in 21 century’s multi-local civil society & building a resilient trans-Atlantic community.

  • Zahid Raja

    Zahid Raja

    Swansea University MSc candidate - Social Research Methods. Work part time in a pharmacy. Loves politics, higher education, and comms: zahidraja.co.uk

  • Justin Sia

    Justin Sia

  • Catherine Finnecy

    Catherine Finnecy

  • Kate Godfrey

    Kate Godfrey

    Post politics, albatross Liberal

  • (((Elliot Bidgood)))

    (((Elliot Bidgood)))

    Research & comms analyst at a consultancy for not-for-profit organisations. Recovering Remainer, @UKLabour member, Unite. All views my own

  • Rodolfo Esteves

    Rodolfo Esteves

  • Roberto Valerio

    Roberto Valerio

    Generation C64. Building teams and sometimes companies. https://roberto.valerio.de

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