I am awestruck by comments written here — especially by people I’m assuming are portuguese.
Miguel Dias

Thanks for your comment Miguel. You separate out (A) the decision to nominate Passos Coelho and (B) the speech that came afterwards, and you say that the problem has nothing to do with issue (A). Unfortunately, it seems to me that people in the UK who are discussing the situation really are discussing issue (A) in a rather misleading way. This article is really written for them.

On the issue of the speech, and whether “he has no right to question any type of majority lightly”, I guess Cavaco-Silva would disagree with you, and maintain that “cabe ao Presidente da República, de forma inteiramente livre, fazer um juízo sobre as diversas soluções políticas”.

On the more specific issue still of whether he would not allow BE+PCP to form part of a government, I don’t interpret him in this way. I think that if PS+BE+PCP vote down a PSD minority government, he will be forced to ask the PS to form a government, though he will complain about it. He says that it is his duty to do what he can to prevent a government which would have disastrous consequences for the country, but “no âmbito das minhas competências constitucionais”. I guess we will see in short order…