Create your 2017 vision board.

Vision Board / Jan 2017 Workshop


Join me, Chris Hardy, and a group of similarly minded people in an evening of vision boarding, conversation and inspiration.

£10 / person, all materials included.

The Refectory | The Old Church School (Forward Space), Frome, UK

31 January 2017 | 5–8pm

What do you want from 2017 (and 2018 for that matter)?
Who do you need to be in order to create that?
What stands in your way?

vision | define | commit

Want to achieve your goals? Write them down.

People who write down their goals are 10x more likely to achieve them than people who don’t.

You’re even more likely to achieve those goals if you’ve done two more things:

  • think about who you need to BE in order to create those goals


  • know what stands in your way.

Come and create a vision board for 2017 that will help you define your goals. In an informal and relaxed space we’ll explore what kind of a person you need to be this year so that you can achieve your goals. And we’ll also share what we think holds us back and some strategies and ideas to move past those barriers.

Informal, non-confrontational, inspirational and fun! If you have any questions then get in touch. | 0044 7881651889 |

Attending this vision board workshop could be the first tiny step you take to creating a more authentic life. When creating a vision board we’ll use stacks of different magazines to help you find the right images to represent your goals for 2017. All materials are included and you take your vision board home with you afterwards.

In a supportive and confidential manner you’ll explore what currently holds you back from achieving your goals. Reflecting on those barriers you’ll define ‘who and how’ you need to BE during 2017 so that you attain your goals.

The workshop will be facilitated by Chris Hardy. Chris is a personal and professional leadership coach with extensive experience guiding individuals across industries to create authentic and successful lives. He is also the founder and director of Upcycle, an award winning social enterprise.

The Refectory / The Old Church School, Frome.

31 January 2017 | 5–8pm | £10

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