#mmmFrome: Your Coaching

As an integral part of the #mmmFrome journey this winter I’m offering one to one coaching conversations. Each month we would spend one hour in deep and focused conversation supporting your embodied and integration of the learning from the workshops. It’ll ensure you get the most out of the live experiences and that tangible changes actually happen in your life.

Our time together will support you in:

Integrating the learning from the workshop

Reflecting on what feels most powerful or useful for you

Creating and committing to individual action plans

Being held accountable to the things you say your going to do

Challenging yourself to live, create and be your best

A few basic coaching agreements will be in place during these calls such as:

Willingness to be vulnerable, speak our truth and get uncomfortable.

100% confidentiality and an openness from us both to communicate authentically.

Both of us come with no absolute assumptions or expectations and we’re willing to have our thinking and perspectives challenged.

A commitment to acting on the insights we create.

I’ve been professionally coaching for the past six years. My current clients include leading business executives, single mothers, musicians, artists, soldiers and even on Shaman! I work for Work Well Being delivering talks and workshops in London and I coach for TNM as an executive leadership coach.

I only work with individuals over a period of time, the minimum being six months. For a regular one to one coaching arrangement I ask for £4000 for six months or £6500 for one year. Investing for coaching is a strange thing; it’s got nothing to do with me, my time, my skills or what I will ‘teach’ or ‘share’ with you.

It’s got 100% to do with your commitment to the process of change. Low fee = low commitment. High fee and you get some pretty transformational results. See what some people say:

Through my work with Chris I have launched a coaching business, put on a street party two years in a row, started a new project, applied for, successfully got, and am surviving a challenging new job (where I negotiated better money and hours). This is just the start of what probably wouldn’t have happened without Chris’s coaching. He models integrity, he models vulnerability, he shares his stories and journeys and is so open while at the same time boundaried. I have learnt a hell of a lot from him, and feel like I have grown so much since starting to work with him. - Kate Weiler

I’m sharing all this so you have an idea of the power of the coaching part of the upcoming #mmmFrome workshop series. On top of the six, in-person four hour workshops with some of the UK’s finest visiting teachers, you’ll experience a six month coaching journey by yourself. Most probably it will be through the one to one attention and the accountability created through our coaching work where the most powerful and lasting changes will be created in your life.

No point in attending a brilliant workshop if you don’t actually embody any of the learning!

A further exciting dynamic (if I could signup for this I totally would!) is that all of us who are committed for the full six month journey will be linked through an online portal: Basecamp.

It’s within Basecamp that you’ll post your coaching requests, share your successes, connect with the other members and receive challenges and inspiring content. Basecamp rocks. It’s far better than email and will add an extra edge of connectivity, professionalism and power to our group work. The visiting teachers will be in this portal. We’ll all also be in a FB group and a WhatsApp group for more casual and informal connection and sharing.


The best way to get an experience of the power of coaching is to stop reading or reaseraching anything and to hop on the phone to me. I’ll happily create 90mins for anybody seriously interested in this series for us to have a one to one coaching conversation so that your body knows the power of this work.

Stop reading. Get in touch with me now: 0044 7881651889.

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