More than a Voice Retreat 1/4

Awakening Your Natural Voice: How your body, breath and eyes are your most important tools for communicating authentically and creating what you want in life.

At the stunning Casa Corrasion (Home of the Heart) in the north Ibiza countryside, from the 9–11 April, my wife and I spent the three days taking part in a ‘voice workshop’ we’ve been co-producing since 2014.

Yet it is so much more than just voice work.

Anthony Johnston is a lovely guy. He’s English, has a full head of wiry grey hair and a fluffy beard. He’s a total gent and a bad-ass accordion player with a deep, resounding, welcoming base voice.

His work blurs the boundaries of singing, body work, movement, dance, language and communications, contact, intimacy, personal expression, awareness, meditation, ceremony, meditation, and authenticity. Whatever words I use will not do it justice, it must be experienced.

Curiously, when you do have the pleasure of working with Anthony, there is a sensation of coming home, of returning, of allowing a truth to emerge that has always been there, just below the surface, of being and expressing yourself from a deeper, more natural and more fulfilling place.

Each time working with Anthony is something unique and deeply personal.

From this recent workshop my main take-aways are:

1/4 Moving from my HEAD into my BODY.

My main blockage in singing openly and confidently is that I’m ‘too much in my head’. Literally, I breathe into my head, I think in my head, I speak and sing and make noise from my head, and i judge from my head.

My work is cut out to keep my attention in my belly, breathing into my belly, singing from my heart. Keeping my attention and judgmental mind firmly rooted in the truth of my present, felt and conscious body.

When I can release my thoughts of right and wrong my voice automatically opens and finds it’s truth.

Physically I learned to stand with my knees bent, feet firmly on the ground, placing a hand on my belly to breath in and out from there, listening with my chest and an open heart and checking in with my body as to what I want to share when we’ed feedback to the group.

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