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The one question that will supercharge your morning routine.

This morning (Sunday 16 July 2017) at 6.15am I went for a run around the Latitude festival site. I’d been on a similar run at the same time on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Sunday was different. Large groups of all night party people were gathered along the route. One group of three guys walking towards me down the path all gently came to a stand still as I approached, and one quietly said ‘no’ as I passed them by. Mocking themselves and the difference in our states.

Another called out — ‘Well done! Good on you!’.

To which I responded. ‘Well done YOU!’

I’m sure that last night they had been the heart and soul of the party while I was tucked up in bed by 9.30 with the distant sounds of Mumford and Sons on the main stage — a band I had no interest in seeing.

There was no judgement in me on these all night / early morning party peope; I used to be on that side of the fence. The experience of keeping my evening and morning routine at Latitude festival simply showed how important mornings are to me.

Currently I’m reading ‘Walden’ by H.D. Thoreau. It’s a fantastic, beautiful and enchanting read. Around page 94 he discusses his mornings while living on the pond…

‘Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself….
…I got up early and bathed in the pond; that was a religious exercise, and one of the best things which I did…
…Morning brings back the heroic ages…
The morning, which is the most memorable season of the day, is the awakening hour.’

and my favourite:

‘The millions are awake enough for physical labour; but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion, only one in a hundred millions to a poetic or divine life.
To be awake is to be alive.’

What about you…?

How’s your morning routine? Could it do with a reinvigoration?

More importantly, how’s your evening routine? (any caffeine, sugar, TV, social media, screens or chocolate in the last few hours of your day?)

What if the first three or four hours of tomorrow are to be the most important hours of your entire life? How would you prepare?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a short ebook ‘Be More Awesome’ about how to get you up and running with a fantastic morning routine.
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