Why Brake the Cycle rocks and why I’m excited to be partnering with them this year.

In 2011 I cycled from Land’s End to John O’Goats. Thats from the SW corner to the top NE corner of the UK.

That journey changed my life.

This blog is about how that journey positively impacted me, and about why I’m excited to be partnering with Brake the Cycle this year.

Here are the headlines:

How Brake the Cycle changed my life:

  • breaking out of the monotonous routine I was living in London and having an empowering and inspiring adventure.
  • disrupting my story of what I thought life was about, where I was heading and what options I had ahead of me.
  • meeting new friends that supported my upcoming transition from employed teacher to entrepreneur.

Why I’m excited to be partnering with Brake the Cycle this year:

  • Everybody who takes part in Brake the Cycle (BtC) experiences an adventure, adventures change lives, and coaching will help facilitate that life change.
  • BtC is about building community, the tours visit communities, the tour is itself a community, and the alumni is a worldwide community of adventurers and argonauts. This is the kind of person I love hanging out with and making my tribe.
  • I’m part of enhancing the larger impact the tours have in the world through the transformation in the people who cycle, their cumulative impact on their friends, families, communities and organisations.

How Brake the Cycle changed my life:

Breaking out

My first BtC tour happened during my second year of teaching. I didn’t know where I was heading in life and I wasn’t that excited about the prospect of staying a teacher for the next 30 years. Meeting and befriending Joe and Marcus (BtC founders and lead adventurers) and becoming part of their career change and break for freedom gave me the confidence, power and clarity that this was what I needed to do in my own life.

Disrupting my story

Until the BtC tour I had assumed I would continue teaching for the foreseeable future. BtC heavily disrupted that story and allowed me to embrace a whole spectrum of new options, creative outlets and inspiring directions that my life ended up taking.

Cycling across the length of the UK gave me a sense of ownership and connection to the land I live on and allowed me to reconnect with my sense of purpose and service to heal this beautiful island.

Making new friends

Now this sounds corny but life is about friendship and love and new things and adventures and fun. When you’ve shared tents, sore bums, endless miles, hills and valleys with committed team of cyclists you are bonded for life. We spend hours chatting away, putting the world to rites and exploring the inner reaches of the mind.

Many of the friends I met on BtC tours have become some of my closest allies, there on my journey as a coach and entrepreneur, supporting my every step, becoming coaching clients and giving me much needed feedback, advice and constructive critique.

Why I’m excited to be partnering with Brake the Cycle this year:

Through partnering with BtC I’m offering tour participants three things:

  • videos and questions to get them prepared for the tour
  • a journal designed to enhance tour experience
  • one to one coaching pre and post tour

It’s going to be a radical year, here’s why

Adventures change lives

Everybody who goes on a BtC tour experiences a life-changing adventure. You cannot be the same person post and pre tour. You will have changed, for sure. Being there with participants through this journey of empowerment and transformation is going to be fun.

Building community

BtC alumni is an international tribe of adventurers, argonauts, explorers and entrepreneurs. It’s an inspirational bunch of people to be connected with and the collective positive impact they’re having in the world is astounding. We’ve got one woman in Bristol set to create an astonishing rural arts hub, other’s working to support refugees in Calais and France and another founding their own positive media and arts company.

Enhancing the impact

Your life trajectory shifts when you take action like a BtC tour. I’m excited to be coaching people who have decided things need to change, and have put themselves forwards for a life-altering challenge. We’ll work together to ensure their impact in the world post tour is as wide and powerful as it can be. It can be challenging for your friends and family to see your change and support is not always forthcoming. With coaching and a strong alumni vibe we’ll support each other through these life changes and ultimately boost our collective positive impact in the world.

This year BtC has seven UK and European tours happening. The next UK Land’s End to John O’Groats launches on the 13th April and more info is here: http://www.brakethecycle.xyz/lands-end-to-john-ogroats

This is their super inspiring video:


And HERE is Joes’ article about why BtC is simply the best.

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