Please Sir, May I Say A Few Words About Rape Culture?
Caitlin Johnstone

I’ve watched their insults and they are nasty and juvenile words they are frothing forth at you…..from Ben Norton to Alex Rubinstein to Eric Draister. If these are the people we have to rely on on “our progressive side” then we are definitely in trouble. They act like petulant children and seem to take pleasure in placing people with diverse views into boxes. Every person has to be defined by them. There is no forgiveness. Everything is static in their already formed mindsets. There is no reaching across to the opposition to possibly affect change that may possibly benefit all of us in the long run. Its their way or the highway. Sadly, this is seem everywhere these days. The faux left is showing strong elements of fascism in their behavoir. Paradoxically, they do this while complaining about the alt-right which is nowhere near as fascist as the Nazis that they ignored killing people in Ukraine when Obama was president. They need you and the Cernovich’s of the world painted in details that fit their world view while they ignore the depth of obvious lies and corruption in the heart of the Deep State beast. In this sense, they are gate keepers for the status quo. They have a cash cow that works for them and they have staked out their positions. In their minds, they are the arbiters of truth…..not you. Maybe it helps them feel good about themselves when they put down others. I personally believe its all about ego….and maybe a bit about the fact that sites like Wordpress, Medium and Steemit are grabbing a larger audience share these days. You, a person who dabbled in astrology and conspiracy theories (note: I personally think thats fine and dandy) was light years ahead of them on who the real bad guys are in Syria and Ukraine. You and Sane Progressive gave Vanessa and Eva honest accolades….they didn’t. They instead straddled the fence and held a wait-and-see position. Heck, they still do. They know the US is using ISIS as an excuse to take over Syria, but they still stick to an ‘unbiased’ position. Eric Draister even spewed the same old repeated media lies about Assad. These late-to-the-party shameful guys believe they are the ones who deserve credit for exposing the lies of the Syrian war. Paradoxically, it was mainly a few impressive women who led that fight in the western media sphere, namely Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Lizzy Phelan, Carla Ortiz, Debbie at Sane Progressive,you and many others. Granted a lot of good men helped too! :) This truly has been a citizens victory in Syria so far. Yet there is still much work to be done. You deserve a pat on the back, not this BS they are manufacturing against you. I’m one dude that respects your excellent writing and your desire to bring all sides together to help expose and bring down the corrupt globalist agenda. And it is an agenda. These petulant writers use the words conspiracy theorist against you simply because they would prefer the real criminal murderous global elitist agenda not be fully exposed.

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