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Well isn’t this just like progressives? You are being deceitful here at best and outright lying at worst, but then that’s normally what anti gun types have to do in order to get any real information to build their case. Try these facts from the CDC, (a rather anti gun entity) instead of your cooked up stuff.

According to the CDC for 2015:

There were 32,000 gun deaths in 2015
60% are suicide — 19,200
3% are accidents — 960
4% are justified — 1,280
33% are homicides — 10,560
80% of the homicides are gang related — 8,448

That leaves 1,712 people in a country with a population of 312 million
You have a 0.0000010256410256% chance of death by a firearm if you are not
part of a gang and don’t plan on committing suicide.

And I’ve yet to ever see the do gooder gun control group who claim to be motivated by saving lives ever address the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Preventable hospital deaths KILL 440,000 people every year, many,, many times what abuse of guns do. But its never mentioned. I have to assume that’s because you don’t care one bit about saving lives but only about pandering to your illogical hate of guns, law abiding gun owners the second amendment and the NRA.

Gun control, the solution of tyrants and the simple minded.

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