A paradigm shift in Geolocation

Countless articles have been written about PokemonGo.
But few have seen how it has profoundly changed our world.

There is a Before…

For most people, geolocation means GPS, or at best Facebook or FourSquare checkin. Think “my phone knows where I am”.

In terms of technology, it doesn’t require much. GIS (Geographic Information System) features are present in many databases, ready to be used to find that restaurant I’m eating at.

But I believe PokemonGo has changed it all: people have started walking with their phone. By walking, looking for pokemons, they’ve shown an interest in something new: they’ve added an important dimension to geolocation, namely Time. They rushed to get a pokemon in the garden, they took the time to walk to a nearby park, they waited for a pokemon to appear somewhere as they were walking the streets.

And an After…

After PokemonGo, I think people are now ready to embrace a new form of geolocation, where Time plays a major role. In addition to Latitude & Longitude, geolocation apps will be Time sensitive.

I believe tomorrow, a new generation of apps will greet users with realtime geolocation features. The next Groupon will probably offer you a discount when you pass by that restaurant, in realtime. Geolocation will evolve to allow constant notification of Points of Interest.

And the next Tinder will try to find people you may like, around you, even when you’re not looking at the app. Geolocation will evolve to allow constant notification of interesting people too.

And the next Game Of War will have you build a city in your own street, and fight opponents by meeting them IRL in a park. Geolocation will never be the same after that: people will expect realtime geolocation.

In terms of technology, it’s a deep revolution, and GIS databases don’t cut it. You can checkin on FourSquare a few times per day maybe, but these new apps will need to answer tough questions like “who and what’s around me” every 5 seconds!

That’s your challenge now, and ours…

Now I got you thinking… but let me offer some help too.

Geeo.io will launch a backend solution that makes this realtime geolocation utopia real, in march 2017 (private Beta).

It will become easy to keep notified in real time of “who and what’s around me”. Our technology will enable a brand new class of apps and games, and I hope many of our customers will experience the PokemonGo effect: overnight success through innovation. Yesterday’s successes will be superseded.

You can signup at http://geeo.io to request an invitation, or contact us at info@geeo.io and if your geolocation project sounds promising, we’ll make sure to keep a slot for you!