Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

In the past, after explaining that the key to building, launching & marketing a great application to someone coming to me to help develop their idea, I would say that the key to avoiding increased dev costs, deadlines not being met (feature/functionality issues) & having a final product that will be intuitive/appealing was to start with making sure that you have an experienced UI/UX designer.

I would send people to Dribble to find a designer, with a refined spec sheet that I would help them with for Stroyboarding. With my latest project, a personal one that I built in a few weeks & designed myself (not a designer in the slightest), I have attempted to find a designer on Dribble for a complete redesign and I see exactly what you mean.

Dribble’s sorting/ranking system is centered around aesthetics instead of functionality or usability. Most of the “top” search results include 1-2 sample screens that look incredible, but there has been no consideration of basic mobile layout needs, like touch locations or intuitiveness of transitions.

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